Style Blueprint: A Memphis Collection of Creative Restaurant Interiors

The beautiful new space at our location on Broad was recently included in a collection of the most creative restaurant interiors on Style Blueprint.

From the article:

“To begin the design process, we picked out a few strong elements — the lush green sofa, statement lighting fixtures, and red chrysanthemum wallpaper, among others. The rest of the elements sort of fell into place by sticking to a color palette and adding different textural components.

“We brought the communal ‘bowling table,’ made from reclaimed wood from a local bowling alley, with us from our Cooper & Peabody location, and we commissioned Woodland Tree to make matching smaller tables using the same wood. The red chrysanthemum wallpaper was inspired by one of our favorite restaurants in Austin. The industrial elements are contrasted with warm leather and wood, which we gave a shou sugi ban-esque treatment to pay homage to the Japanese influence in our concept. Work by the local mural artist Birdcap has been a longtime favorite of ours, and his 30-foot-long jigsaw-paneled wall piece adds a lot of character to our space.

“Lighting is so important when it comes to creating the vibe of a restaurant, and we faced a particular challenge in making the space feel intimate with such high ceilings. By painting the upper part of the walls a very deep shade of charcoal to lower the perceived ceiling height, and hanging pendant lights that give off an amber glow, we were able to achieve this effect.”

View the full list here.

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