Top 10 New Restaurants for 2018

Luck has nothing over good ol’ hustle by the folks at Lucky Cat. Zach and Sarah Nicholson parlayed their popular ramen-heavy pop-ups into a hoppin’ brick-and-mortar space at the corner of Cooper and Peabody. 

Part of the joy in Lucky Cat Ramen is the ritual of taking in the hearty steam. Working up your appetite with the deep, intoxicating smells just before digging in. Those wonderful soft-boiled eggs. The tangy, lemongrass/ginger broth of the Yuzu Veggie. Delicious! Get it with a dash of chili oil and you won’t be sorry at all. 

Other offerings include the Shoyu 12 with pork bone broth, Chicken-Corn Miso, the Bacon Shio, and the 72-hour Hakata-style Tonkotsu 13. There’s not a dud in the bunch. Beyond the soups are the bao buns, wonderful little sandwiches with your choice of fried chicken skins, barbecue pork, pork belly, banh mi, or tempura avocado. This spring, they’ll be moving to the old Tart space in the Copper-Young neighborhood. It’s a bigger restaurant with a bigger menu. Lucky us!

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