Lucky Cat appears in Memphis Magazine's Top 10 Dishes of 2017

Lucky Cat’s Bacon Bok Ramen has been named one of 2017’s Top 10 dishes by Memphis Magazine.

Despite enthusiastic social media, I hesitated to try Lucky Cat’s ramen, worried that it wouldn’t match the wonderful ramen I’d loved in New York. What a chump. From the first soft-boiled egg, dyed a little by a soak in soy sauce and drizzled with garlic/scallion oil, to dinner’s final slurp, I couldn’t be more pleased. Bacon from Jackson’s Marmilu Farms — rendered and ground with kombu — builds the ramen flavor base, explains Chef Zach Nicholson. “We add some very concentrated chicken stock, dachi, and some other things, and combine it with slow-cooked pork broth,” he says. The fragrant bowl, steaming hot, offers other treasures as well, including wood ear mushrooms, grilled pork shoulder, noodles — soft and bouncy — and sous vide bok choy the color of emerald green.

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